Small Update

FIL called this morning around 7 am…told us that right now Kas is doing fine, they’ve kept him pretty sedated during the night. His face on the right side is very swollen. He came through the surgery okay, but he has to see a plastic surgeon on Monday. This is such a terrible thing for a 3 year old to have to go through. Makes me a little wary of ever letting a dog get near my son again. Including Harley.
I immediately went back to sleep after he called. I guess I was just so wiped out after yesterday. I slept until around 9:45 am, when I heard Monkey through the monitor. He was playing, and was in the very beginning of a “Mommy come and get me already” fit. So I finally go get him, give him some breakfast, and call my mom to give her an update on Kas. I seriously have a ton of junk to do today, and we’ll probably be visiting Kas later, I just might need to get started.


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