So I’m not really paranoid

I slept a bit later than I wanted to this morning. JB woke me up, because I had told him to make sure I was out of bed before he left for work…but of course I didn’t get up. My headache was still hanging around…So I took three advil first thing this morning. Finally its easing up some.

Monkey woke up about the same time I did, and he had a good breakfast, and he’s currently beating the heck out of his play gym with a red tupperware lid we gave him yesterday. No signs of fever anywhere, no high pitched screaming, no extreme fussiness…so I am still debating on whether or not to take him to the doctor. I’m afraid if I don’t, there *will* be something wrong with him and it will just get worse. I worry if I do take him, there’ll be absolutely nothing wrong, he’ll tell me its just teething, and tell me I’m being a paranoid mother.
Well, we are back from the doctor’s office. I got there at like 10:30, and I really was expecting a very long wait, but we got in around 11 am. I told him everything that Monkey had been doing the last few days…He said he couldn’t for sure rule out the possibility that he was trying to cut teeth, but he did feel something else was going on. Something he said they had been seeing quite a bit of for a week or two. He did a CBC (they had to stick his poor finger twice, but he was a trooper). While I’m waiting for the results another couple comes in with a baby, looks to be about 9 or 10 months old, and I overheard them telling the nurse the baby’s symptoms…They said everything that I had said about my baby! When the mother sat next to me, I told her that I had overheard her, and just commented that it was the same thing I had brought my son in for…she said she thought there was something going around. A few minutes later, my doctor comes out and tells me that he has a virus, and to keep doing what I had been doing (tearing my hair out?) and if he’s not better by Wednesday to come back. So you know what that means?? I’m not a paranoid mother after all.


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