I want a dozen!

I spent most of tonight simply watching my husband and my son.

Why? Well, after two days of not seeing them due to my injured eye, I couldn’t seem to tear my blurry but seeing eyes away from my husband’s brown eyes or my baby boy’s chubby cheeks. And with the week’s tragic events, I just want them near me all the time, if I can.

Tomorrow, well today rather, I will (hopefully) be able to keep Monkey home with me. Its been driving me crazy, being at home, blind as a bat, barely able to take care of myself, and my little boy being in the daycare. Mom called me today when she picked him up, to ask me if I thought I’d be able to take care of him. By this time, I was able to see some, and I desperately missed him, so she brought him home to me.

I noticed my son doing a couple of new things tonight. I can only wonder when he started them…I kinda feel like I missed a lot the last two days. He seems to be flying across that floor in that ever-familiar commando crawl. In my honest opinion, I don’t think the child will ever learn to “really crawl” as long as this method of transportation is so easy for him. He’s also waving now, constantly. When I realized what he was doing, I asked JB “When did he start this??” He says he doesn’t know. So maybe I didn’t miss out on that. He’s sitting himself up now with no trouble at all; I was wondering why he had just skipped that step and started standing instead! I just looked at a picture of him earlier, one that I took of him when we first brought him home…he’s so different now.

I can’t believe he’s already 7 months old. Seems like yesterday I was impatiently waiting at home, overdue and miserable, praying for my labor to start! How time flies. I told my baby boy tonight that I would have a dozen babies, if only they were all just like him. He smiled as if he understood 🙂 He’s such an angel.


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