I’m calling you, Calgon!

I’ve been home since about 2:30 pm….We were very slow at work, and they said since I felt bad I could leave after I finished my discharges. I was pretty hoarse this morning, but by the time I left, I sounded terrible and everybody kept telling me so. Yeah, thanks.

I came home and wrapped up in JB’s fleece blanket and went to sleep on the couch, while Monkey was napping, and JB kept himself busy outside. I woke up to his friend talking in the kitchen, and I got up long enough to talk to him. I had forgotten that their shower was this afternoon; that’s where JB is right now. After he left JB made me some grilled cheese sandwiches….that’s when I realized that the only thing I’ve eaten today was some toast at like 5 am, and a cup of ice cream while I was at work. I feel a little better, but I still sound terrible.

Calgon, Take me away!!!

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