What’s that about?

Today did *not* turn out quite like I planned.

This morning around 11, I was told my child had a low fever, and had just been generally fussy. So I went to get him right away. When I get there, he had his back to me, and yes, he was pitching quite a fit. But then he just turned his head, saw me, and immediately began to smile and laugh. They tell me his fever had been 100.3, and he’d cried all morning long except for the 20 minute nap earlier. As they are telling me this, my son is in my arms laughing like there’s no tomorrow, and he doesn’t feel a bit warm to me. Then she goes on to tell me that the nursery has had an “an outbreak” of roseola, two kids this week have been diagnosed with it.

Since I currently have no voice, I drove to my mom’s house, 5 minutes away, since I knew she was home for lunch. I asked her to call the doctor’s office for me, and see if this was something I should bring him in for. They said they could work us in at 2:30. Once we get home, I put Monkey down for a nap, and he went right to sleep. As soon as he woke up, I checked his temperature, it was 97. They had told me they had given him no tylenol at the nursery. He’s still smiling and laughing…I’m debating whether or not to take him to the doctor, because he sure isn’t acting like he’s sick.

But I take him anyway, because of the roseola thing. We get in to see the doctor right away…he basically dismissed roseola, as his supposed fever was not that high…and nothing else pointed to it at this time. He does have a cold, I already knew that, but I’ve learned to handle colds like a pro…my child seems to have one every other week. He gave me some cold medicine to try…and told me to be on the lookout for croup. Okay…so I ask again, in my raspy, pitiful voice, “What should I look for with the roseola?” he proceeds to tell me that he hasn’t seen any cases of it this year, and he believes the supposed “outbreak” at my daycare was misdiagnosed.

All day, he has been an angel. No fever, no diarrhea, no throwing up, no rashes, nothing. Just a happy, smiley, laughing little boy. And I’m wondering: did they mix up my child with the one who *was* actually sick this morning???


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