Around 2 am, I woke up to a terrible buzzing sound, over and over. Once I was fully awake, I realized it was our doorbell. Our back doorbell croaked last week, and now it just makes this sick buzz…buzz…buzz. J. was knocked out, and I didn’t manage to wake him up before it stopped. Whoever it was rang the bell for a good long while. I didn’t hear anything else, and I didn’t see any headlights if a car backed out of the driveway.
Of course it took me forever to get back to sleep. We slept right through the alarm this morning, and Monkey woke us up around 9. So our plans to go to that car show are kinda messed up. If we go today, it’ll be this afternoon; heck we could always go tomorrow.
We did make it to the car show. There wasn’t really a whole lot to see this time. Of course, I wasn’t paying much attention to the cars when we went in February; then I was a miserable woman two days away from her due date desperately trying to walk myself into labor. All I got for my efforts was a backache, and I still remained pregnant for another week. The guys seemed to enjoy the cars. J. found some old Mustangs he liked…my son just hollered out “DA” at every red vehicle he saw…which was A LOT.
J. decided he wanted to get a pizza, to go along with the DVD’s we rented. Pizza Hut here in town just recently started delivering. I heard J. arguing on the phone, apparently whoever he was talking to didn’t get the address the first THREE times he gave it, and then didn’t understand the directions. He finally got fed up, and told the person he’d just come and get the pizza. I had to gently remind him not to go postal on the Pizza Hut employee. And that was our day.


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