I love parades!

My clock went off at 5 am, to get up and get going….almost simultaneously, the phone rings. JB sleepily picks it up, and hands it to me, saying its work. I get all excited, because that means they are calling me out! They will only call you out from work if you are overtime for that week and things on the floor are slow, and they always call at 5 am for the day shift. I rarely work overtime, so I rarely get the pleasure of hearing the words, “Do you want to stay home today?” But thankfully, the day I had to make up this week, put me in overtime if I worked today, so I was the first one they called.
This is a good thing, as I’m still doping myself up with Sudafed every time I can take it. And that means I can take my son to the Christmas Parade downtown tonight.
Nothing like a Christmas parade to really get the holiday season going! I’m just glad I was able to take my son…if I’d have gone to work today I wouldn’t even get home for another hour. I’m so glad I was called out!

I called Mom this morning and asked if they wanted to go with us to the parade. So at 5 they picked us up, and we got a really good spot on the front leg of the parade. Anyway, the parade started with the usual police car and firetruck, both of which Monkey was very interested in. Later all the motorcycles came by, and they were a bit too loud for his taste. We saw JB pulling their float middle of the parade. At the end of the parade was Santa Claus, which he payed no attention to, followed by the marines firetruck…I kept trying to tell my son that’s what his Papa drove, but again, no interest.
But did he let out a banshee wail when we tried to put him in his carseat to leave…it was almost like he didn’t want the parade to be over! But he calmed down as soon as we got home and I flipped on the Christmas lights at his own house 🙂


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