Can I just start over?

So far this day completely sucks.

Last night I had a terrible headache…this morning when I woke up it was still hanging around. It still hasn’t totally gone away. I had to get up and rush to the pharmacy before it closed to get my pills. So while Monkey was entertaining himself with Cheerios, I got ready. The phone rang, and I thought it might be JB, so I grabbed it. It was certainly not my hubby.

It was from my credit card company. The fraud department. The guy ran down a few transactions made with my number in the last week…there were three of them. One was made just today. *I* certainly wasn’t using my credit card in my sleep. Someone has gotten my card number and is making charges at some stupid place in Indianapolis. Pretty hefty charges, too. So I closed the account out, and they are sending me a statement…and made sure to tell me that I will not be responsible for these fraudulent charges.

As usual, after I work a couple days, I come home to a trashed house. But I was sick most of yesterday, so today was the day I got to clean everything up. I was attempting to put something in a drawer in the kitchen, and the drawer stuck…so I pulled on it, but not really hard. The damn front of the drawer came off in my hands! This is a pretty old house we live in, and although we’ve remodeled most of the kitchen, thats one thing we haven’t done yet, get new cabinets/drawers. Guess we need to now.


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