Memory Lane

Late this afternoon, I went over to my mom’s house…she had called me yesterday, and told me that they had gone into my old room and cleaned some stuff out. Mom’s been wanting to turn the room into a office/playroom for my son for a while now. She asked me to drop by and pick up a few things I had left there; I guess she finally realized I’m not coming back home!

It was quite a bit more than a few things!! I went through so many boxes of clothes I had packed up, apparently intending to take them with me. I’ll end up giving them to Goodwill…I can’t wear most of it anymore after having my son. Even my graduation gown and my high school jacket were in there! (I brought those home of course, for nostalgia’s sake.) I also came across an old suitcase that I had long ago hidden my old dance recital costumes. Mom talked me into keeping those…said they would be good dress-up costumes for my daughter some day. Yes, they are already hoping for a granddaughter…

I had intended to pick up my old toybox anyway. I’ve been looking high and low for one for my son, but can’t find one that I like. Guess I’m still tied to my childhood toybox…it’s beautiful…its a bench seat box with a high back. I never even considered getting rid of it…when I got older, I simply used it as a window seat. These days, I kinda like the idea of passing something down to my son. Of course, I had to go through the stuff in the toybox…I’d forgotten how many stuffed animals I had!! I kept a few with special meaning for myself, and left a few Care Bears at mom’s for Monkey to play with. Games, tapes, and photos galore! How could I have left all this stuff in my old room?? I even found my wedding planning scrapbook. For months before the wedding, I clipped pictures of dresses I liked, complete with the designer, where I could find the dress…yada yada yada. Even etiquette articles and stuff like that. I kept that one. Don’t ask me why, I just couldn’t part with that.


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