Casualties of Walking

We have experienced our first casualty of walking. And it ain’t pretty….

Last night a friend of ours, DeWayne, dropped by. He hadn’t seen our son in ages, and he was amazed at how much he’s grown. We were all enjoying watching him show off his new walking skill, and he was doing pretty well. Then, all heck broke loose…he got going a bit too fast, tripped, and smacked his forehead against the leg of the kitchen table. Hard. Very hard.

I actually had nightmares all night about it, what little I slept. His head bruised immediately, and he was screaming his head off…as hard as he hit, I was worried about a concussion. We called my father-in-law, who is an EMT…he rushed over, took a good look at his head and said he thought it was really just a big goose-egg, no serious damage done. I called the doctor’s service…the on-call doctor called me back a bit later, and I explained to him what happened, and that he seemed to be acting just fine…he was now laughing and playing. He gave me a list of things to watch for, and said to wake him a few times during the night and check on him.

So we put the air mattress in his room, and I slept in there. And this morning, I woke up to toys being thrown at me, and a happy, babbling little boy. I think he’s gonna be okay.


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