Shell Shocked

Can I just say that I am completely shell shocked??

I knew our house was fairly small…I didn’t realize just how small it really is until we crammed 30 people into it! I had intended the party to be just family and close friends, and altogether that should have been maybe 15 people, plus or minus a couple. I didn’t know that some of those folks were bringing someone else with them!

I was very glad we had plenty of food; but we sure didn’t have much space. My son was amazed at all the people, and he had several kids to play with…and while most of our family knew the child has way too many toys and got him mostly clothes, he still somehow managed to get quite a lot of toys.

Ya know…Fisher Price’s Little People are *not* the same as I remember them…they look to be less of a choking hazard! He got two playsets with them today, the floaty boat, and the farm. He also got the Sparkling Symphony Stacker…he got two of them for Christmas, so this makes #3, lol. All in all, it was a good day. But I’ve learned one thing: next birthday party will be at a rented location, not at home!


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