One Year Checkup

Monkey had his one year checkup this morning.

He’s now weighing in at an even 20 pounds, and he’s 29 inches tall. I’ve been a tad concerned that he’s small, but lately seeing him up against other 1 year olds, I’m not too worried about it now. The doctor said he’s very happy with his size, he’s average.

He seemed surprised to hear that my son was walking so well, and of course, he wanted to see him in action; my little boy did his thing. He asked how many words he was saying, and as we went down the small list of babbled words, he said “mama”. I was beaming 🙂 No shots today though. Apparently, the vaccines that he was scheduled to get today are currently on back order or something. So we’ll catch him up at his 15 month checkup. They checked his hemoglobin (a fingerstick, which surprisingly never bothers him) and it was very good.

We were instructed to head over to Doctor’s Laboratory to get a blood lead analysis drawn. I don’t know if it is a mandatory test in Georgia, but the nurse explained to me that our pedicatrician was checking all his babies at 1 and 2 years of age. It’s a good idea, though, testing for lead poisoning in kids. I certainly didn’t know how prevalent it is.

Our ped is a big believer in handouts. What to expect in development, what to do in situations, things to try…he’s got a handout for just about everything, I think. The one he gave me today: “What To Do When Your Child Falls”…ya know, after they start walking and all. I laughed when he gave it to me, and told him we already had this one under our belt.


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