Mariah’s teething again

Can’t we just skip the molars??

The last few days, Monkey has been such a handful. He’s become that Jekyll and Hyde kid again…he’ll be happy and playing one minute, the next minute he’s screaming his head off trying to shove his entire fist in his mouth. I’ve given him a new, if not-so-flattering, nickname…”Mariah”…sometimes that’s what he sounds like. Does that give you a picture of what my day was like yesterday?

I’m tired (thanks to barking dog under window at 2 & 4 am)…I’m cranky, and my throat hurts. This does not bode well for tomorrow. And to add to all that, I’ve been wiping more snot than I care to mention, much to my son’s chagrin…and he’s got goopy eyes. He’s never had goopy eyes before. On the plus side…he actually said “Hey Jay Jay” tonight, to our cat.


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