And yet, we keep going back

Jekyll & Hyde baby made an extended visit to my house yesterday.

He wasn’t necessarily “bad”, but dang if he didn’t have to sit on my lap at all times. He didn’t have to have a toy to play with or anything…he just wanted to sit there. Forever. Until he got tired of me and wanted to get down, which would only last five minutes, so at these rare times I rushed to the bathroom usually.

We decided last night to just order a pizza. JB worked a little late, and he didn’t feel like cooking, and of course, I couldn’t detach the kid from my hip long enough to. This pizza joint generally gets mixed reviews from everybody in town…the pizza itself is really good, but you may end up paying for it later, ya know? You’d think we learn this after a while. But no, we continue to order from there. We ended up paying for it at 2 am.

Monkey woke up screaming…very reminiscent of the terrible meatball incident of a couple weeks ago. After finally settling him down, we went back to sleep. But here I am, up at 5 am…agh agh agh.


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