Lake/Wally World

Our trip to the lake was a lot of fun yesterday. We even ran into our next door neighbor with his two kids. I walked twice around the lake, with Monkey in the stroller, and when I was done, I put the stroller away and let him roam. Problem is, he kept wanting to head for the water….and he got mad if I held his hand! Independent little bugger! He thought the ducks were hilarious, especially when five or six of them crowded around us and started quacking. I thought that would scare him, but it didn’t. I managed to get a couple of pictures of him, I hope they turn out okay.
There’s just something about being splattered with Pepsi that really puts a damper on your day.

We were in the checkout line at the grocery store…they were pretty busy, and I noted the cashier seemed to be rushing everything. I’m standing there writing out my check; my son is sitting in the buggy beside me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the girl grab something really fast, then I see the 3 liter Pepsi falling off the counter; it hit the floor beside me on its side, bounces back up, and hits the floor again, this time on its top. And this is when the whole damn thing burst, spraying me in the face. Did ya know that Pepsi burns like hell when it gets your eyes…when I could finally see again, there’s like 10 people mopping up soda. One cashier gets in a hurry, knocks something over, and it takes 10 employees to clean it up? The cashier in question didn’t do a thing to help the cause, by the way. Ugh. I hate Wally World.


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