Dog’s at it again!

JB went in to work late today…Harley’s back at the vet.

Once again, at their usual time of 2 am, every dog in the neighborhood started yapping. Usually, its Harley and the lab next door that start the whole thing, and they do it because of Bronco…a black lab whose owner apparently thinks its okay for his dog to roam the streets, terrorizing kids, UPS guys, and pizza delivery boys. Several people have gone to this man, asking him to please keep his dog in his already fenced in backyard, including us.

Well, Bronco must have been antagonizing Harley through our fence, because Harley tried to dig out of it. I think he only managed to get his head through, judging from the size of the hole…but when he pulled his head out, a piece of the fence cut a gash in his neck. Of course, I was awake during this whole thing, mostly because I was up coughing; but as soon as I heard Harley howling I woke up JB. Harley’s neck was bleeding a lot, but it finally stopped with pressure. So as soon as the vet opened up, we had him there. They bandaged him up, and said he should be fine; but they wanted to keep him at least throughout today and watch him.

In the meantime, Monkey keeps running to the back door, saying “Har? Har?” and seems to get pretty upset when he doesn’t see the dog.

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