All about my monkey

JB’s cousin had a little boy on Monday, so Monkey has a new cousin! They decided to induce her a couple weeks early; there was a bit of a knot in the cord, and the baby had stopped growing. He only weighed 4 pounds! He’s doing fine now; they were quite concerned about him when he was born.

Our son is officially in the toddler room at the daycare now. It took a few days to get him used to the idea of going there instead of the baby room, but he spent the whole day in the big kid room today. Now he apparently thinks he’s a big kid…he’s getting into everything much worse than he did just last week! He slammed his finger in the toybox; in the cabinet; the desk drawer…I turned my back on him for a few seconds, and found him in the bathroom dipping his hand in the toilet!! Ugh. The things kids do.


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