Just a swingin’

Yesterday, I picked my son up from daycare. I hate sending him when I’m off from work, but they asked us to let him come every day this week so he could get used to being in the toddler room.

This is the first time I’ve picked him up from this new room. I walk in, scan the room for my kid…there’s a huddle of kids by the window…then one child moves, and my child comes into view. My first thought was: my son is the runt of the room!

He’s so little compared to the other kids, but he seems to be getting along okay. Miss Shirley from the baby room came in to talk to me, and said he had stayed in the toddler room all day, even took his nap there. This part blew me away…there are no cribs in his new room…which means napping is done on a mat. The idea that the kid is willingly taking a nap on a mat completely floors me. It’s all I can do to get him to nap in his crib!

We got home about the same time as JB, and saw that the guy next door was struggling to put a trampoline together. JB goes over to help him, and Monkey and I head over to play. He adored their swing, so I was thinking we might get one this summer; then he saw the Little Tykes slide. He looked at it kinda funny, so I set him up on it, and showed him how to slide down. At least 50 times. He loved it! So I guess we have to get one of those this summer too.


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