My baby has the flu!

The last couple days have been, well, trying, to say the least.

I had to leave work to pick up Monkey today. The daycare manager tells me that he has been quite cranky all day, and he was now running a fever of 102.7…they had already given him Tylenol, but someone needed to come get him.
I had called and made him a “sick appointment” for 4 pm, but fighting school traffic and a nasty thunderstorm made us get there at 4:15. We finally get into the exam room, where he proceeds to pitch a serious fit…beating on the walls, screaming at the door…I’m trying to hold him and calm him down, and nothing is working at all.

Finally the doctor comes in, apologizes for the wait, and starts checking him out. The final diagnosis is the flu.

Yikes…no wonder the kid is screaming his head off. So then we make our way to the pharmacy with our fever wipe-out prescription in hand. Guess what? The pharmacy does not have this medication in stock. A call to the other pharmacy in town reveals that they don’t have it either. But we can order it, and it will be in by 12 pm tomorrow. Definitely NOT what I wanted to hear, but I guess that has to do. Once we get home we start the usual Tylenol/Motrin routine, and that seems to make the baby bear feel better. His temp was 99.9 when we put him to bed last night. This morning, he’s still 99.8…kinda cranky, *very* snotty, and his little cheeks are so flushed.

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