Family of Crazy

We have actually had a decent night. No fever, no crankies, nothing. But I think our next door neighbor now thinks we are insane. After dinner, Monkey was in a really good mood, and he started “singing”…basically, just making loud noises. Sometimes, we join in, and all you hear is noise. He thinks it’s hilarious. Well…in the middle of our ahem…jam session…we hear a knock on the door. Thinking it’s my parents or an in-law, J. just calls out, “Come in.” After a few moments, our neighbor opens the door. We immediately shut up. He was just wanting to borrow something, and I’m sure he couldn’t get away from our crazy hollering family fast enough.
Well, after not having a fever all day, Monkey decided to jump up to 102.5 again tonight at 9:30. So we went through our usual fever routine, got him down to 100, and then he conked out. I just went and checked on him, and he feels much cooler now. J. had already decided to stay home from work tomorrow, but as I’m still feeling crappy myself, I called out of work tomorrow.


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