Trade ya…

Anybody wanna trade places with me today? No biggie, just take my kid to the doctor for his checkup and…shots. I’ll come back tomorrow when the storm’s over. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? You’d think by now I’d be used to it, heck, I often have to give babies shots myself. I don’t like doing it one bit; but geez, when he gets shots I turn into a blubbering idiot.
That was so not fun…..

JB also went to the doctor today, to have a little cyst removed from his arm. They’ve been watching it for a while, but lately its really been driving him crazy. When Monkey and I got home, he produced scissors, hemastats, and tweezers…he said the PA gave them to him, so I could take his stitches out later. Umm, okay. Interesting.

As soon as I filled him in on Monkey’s checkup, he took off for Montgomery (yes, Alabama) for a job interview. A couple of weeks ago, he went to an interview, didn’t like a few things that he was told, and thought no more of it. This week, the company called him back and asked him to reconsider. He’s been tossing it around all week, and finally decided to go for the second interview. This job would mean more money, better benefits, and the possibility of me being able to stay home with our son one day. They really seem to want him, and he has been pretty unhappy in his present job lately. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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