I love black and white photos. Last year, I took a bunch of b&w’s of my son, and they turned out soooo good. I was so happy with them.

I’ve had a roll of b&w film for a couple of months; last night I decided I would use it taking photos of the boys. I got some good ones, mostly of our youngest nephew. He’s the only one who would be still long enough to humor crazy Aunt TayTey.

We also went over to the in-laws house today…we went swimming. At first I figured I’d just dangle my tootsies in the water and watch the guys swim; I really wasn’t itching to get myself into a bathing suit. But it was so dang hot today, I couldn’t stand it. I came back home, and dug out my suits. All I have is bikinis. One of them was getting a bit snug before I had my son, so I didn’t even attempt that one. The second, which used to be my favorite, is a bright pink/orange triangle top. Umm…let’s just say I have a little too much up top now to be wearing that out…I looked like Pamela Anderson. I finally settled on the third suit; the top was always a little loose, but it fits perfectly now 🙂 Maybe this is the incentive I need to go buy myself a nice one-piece…and a wrap 🙂


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