Our new baby!

We have a new baby in our family. Nope, he’s not a blondie like our son. He’s got orange fur all over, and his name is Gizmo.

We went to my parents house tonight for my Dad’s birthday dinner. A couple weeks ago, I totally fell in love with this little orange kitten, and Dad said I could take him home when he was old enough. Well, we brought him home tonight. He’s still really skittish, and he hissed at Jay; Jay, on the other hand, just sniffed his “mini-me” and went on about his business. This kitten reminds me so much of Jay when he was younger. We tossed around a few names…JB picked out Matrix (he’s a huge Matrix fan); my brother suggested Megabyte; Mom threw out Gizmo, and right then Monkey hollered out “yeah”…so now he’s Gizmo. Right now, Gizmo is curled up between the computer monitor and the printer…also reminding me a lot of Jay. I need to dig up the pics I have of Jay sleeping on top of my printer…Yes, I have weird cats!

While we were at my parents house tonight, my best friend A. left us a message. She & her husband were in a pretty bad wreck last night near Gainesville, FL. She was calling from her in-laws house, so at least I knew they were not in a hospital somewhere…I immediately called the number she left me. From what I understand, it was raining really hard, and there were numerous accidents on this stretch of the interstate. An SUV lost control, and slammed into her Cherokee, which is now totaled. She said one of the pedals gashed her foot, and she’s got 15 stitches in it, and she’s pretty banged up. Her husband seems to have gotten the worst of it from the airbag…one dislocated wrist, the other wrist is broken, a cracked sternum, and lots of bumps & bruises. I think they are planning to put pins in his broken wrist. They are both taking pain meds, and for now they will be staying with his parents until they are able to get up & around better. As bad as all this sounds, I know it could have been much worse…the one fatality mentioned in this news article I found was the guy that hit them. [sorry, link removed because it was broken.]


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