In case you’re wondering…

My computer is going crazy.

I can’t seem to find anything to do…okay, anything *useful* to do, anyway. I have a ton of housework I could be doing, if only it weren’t for an achy back and killer cramps.

That’s about it, other than chasing Monkey around all day. I’m so tired of saying “No!” “Put that down!” “Take that out of your mouth!” “Don’t hit!” “Don’t pick the cat up by his tail!” I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Do the terrible two’s begin at 18 months? I’m thinking they do with my kid.

I’m pretty excited about this weekend though…this will be Georgia’s second ‘Tax-Free Weekend’. Last time, I got a computer program dirt cheap, and we also got some clothes tax free. We had talked about buying a new computer this time…but I had pretty much nixed the idea; I didn’t think we had the money. But guess what…JB got a bonus at work! Yay!

**Doing a new ‘puter dance**


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