Busy Little Stork

Wow…the stork has been quite busy lately!

One of the receptionists in our office is also pregnant…due about a week or so ahead of me. My friend is really due at any time with her twins, and I saw her today after work at the hospital. She’s there to rule out PIH, and I’m hoping everything is okay! While I was there, I found out that another former coworker of mine is expecting her second baby around the same time as me! The girls at work are joking that the receptionist & I can just have the whole water cooler to ourselves…they don’t want to drink the water 😉

I’m really still feeling fine. I’m barely resisting the urge to continually take pregnancy tests…it still doesn’t feel real to me! If it wasn’t for that usual crampy feeling and just feeling worn out, I wouldn’t even think I was pregnant. I’ve had two bouts of heartburn so far, and that’s it…by this time with Monkey, I was already sick as a dog all the time.

I’m crossing my fingers that maybe this one is a girl. That’s what we are hoping for. Our son seems to have his little heart set on having not just a sister, but a brother too! Uh….I’m just hoping he doesn’t jinx me…goodness knows I’m likely enough to have twins anyway!


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