Neck Pencils

Monkey’s appointment with the ENT doctor was this afternoon. I had been trying to tell him all week what this doctor was going to be checking on him…I was kinda nervous because he doesn’t give his own pediatrician an easy time checking his ears and throat.

He was such a big boy, I was very proud of him. He let the doctor do everything he needed to. And the result…the ENT doctor agrees, his tonsils are huge, and his adenoids are as well. We have a pre-op appointment April 13, and both tonsils and adenoids are scheduled to come out April 15. Because he’s so young, the doctor will want to keep him in the hospital overnight for observation. The doctor assured me that the surgery itself takes no more than 20 minutes, and most kids do perfectly fine.

I’ll have to do some schedule switching at work…there are two hospitals in this city, and the week I wanted to schedule the surgery for is a week he’s at the other hospital. All this while attempting to save vacation days for closer to the arrival of Baby Froglegs…somehow I’ll manage that!

The funny thing was…the ENT doctor was telling our son that he was going to take out his tonsils, and was rubbing that area of his neck while saying it. He looked at me, and said, “Mama! I’ve got pencils on my neck!” goofy kid 😉


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