Surgery Update

I had my 23 week checkup this morning. Everything’s looking good. Baby’s heartrate was 160…a little higher than she usually runs, but she had also been doing a little kickboxing just before the doctor came in šŸ˜‰ Next up is the yucky sugar test.

Tomorrow is Monkey’s pre-op appointment. Originally, JB was just going to take him, since I’m having a bit of trouble lately getting my hours at work. I’ve decided instead that I’m just going to take a late lunch, and go to the appointment as well. I’ve come up with a ton of questions, about what happens before surgery mostly. I’m very worried about how he’ll be if they don’t let me be with him until he goes to sleep.

I read him the little book they gave us from the ENT office, the one for kids about having tonsils and adenoids removed. He paid attention, and repeated some of what I said; but how much he really understands is hard to say. Tomorrow, I think they will take him down to the OR area, and let him meet some of the nurses there so he’ll hopefully see a familiar face on Thursday.

I can’t even begin to express how nervous I am about the surgery Thursday. Everyone tells me this is a fairly easy procedure, and he’s at a good age to have it done. Yeah, well…he’s my baby.


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