Full Circle

I was recently offered my old job back, working on the floor at the hospital. I have very much missed working there, and after a lot of family discussion and even more serious thinking, I have decided to accept the job.

Its not the best timing in the world, as I have go through orientation again starting June 21, and I won’t be able to start working on the floor until the week after that…meaning I will only be about a month away from my due date. But if I don’t take the chance now, the position will be gone by the time I’m ready to come off maternity leave.

And so, yesterday, I turned in my resignation letter at the office. My last day there will be June 11. I’m sad to leave there, and I will miss the doctors and my coworkers (and of course, the desk job!). But ultimately, I think going back to the hospital is the right thing for our family right now. Its more money, better benefits, more vacation time, more days off a week to be with the kids…plus hopefully saving money on gas (driving to work just three days a week instead of five), food, and maybe daycare.

In Monkey news, this week he was moved up to the 3 year old room! He got to move up with several of his friends…from now on, their room moves will pretty much coincide with the school year schedules. He’s so sad to be leaving Miss Tracy’s room, but he seems to like Ms. Sue so far!

Little Zoey is already growing fast! Her belly is getting rather round. She has her own huge dog house outside, where she stays during the day, and we bring her inside as soon as we get home in the afternoons. We usually still have to chase her around with a rag and carpet cleaner, because she refuses to go near the puppy pads! Last night, though, she did very well…she let us know every time she had to go outside. She was 6 weeks old yesterday, and her first visit to the vet is today.


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