They must be joking.

Its been storming a lot here lately in the afternoons…Thursday afternoon was a particularly nasty storm, knocking out our electricity for several hours. When the power came back on, our cable was still out…this includes our internet service since we have a cable modem. Both the cable and the internet were still out all day Friday. Well, actually, we could get some of the upper channels, but absolutely no local stations would pick up.

JB spent a long time on the phone yesterday trying to get somebody to come out to fix everything. Originally, they were saying nobody would be coming to fix it until July 26!!!! J. kept on until he got somebody to say that a technician would try to be here sometime today, if not today then Monday. Well, a tech came out this morning, took 15 minutes to decide that lightening had apparently hit something, and we now have our cable and internet back.


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