We’re Adjusting…well, except for the cat.

We are all still doing well. Diva’s a very good baby; she only cries when she’s hungry or when we lay her on the changing table for a diaper change! She really doesn’t like those.

The last two nights have been much better as far as her sleeping…before that I was getting up at 2 am to feed her, then she’d get hiccups for a solid hour, and we were up until at least 5 am! But, for two nights in a row, she has woke up around 3 am for a feeding, then gone right back to sleep until she was ready to eat again at 6 am.

Monkey is also doing pretty well with her. I worried so much that he would enjoy her in the hospital, but be very jealous of her once we got her home. But he is always asking to hold her, he wants to help us bathe her and change her diapers (actually, he mostly just watches, but he’s very interested in everything we do with her). He rushes over to her and kisses her forehead and tells her “Its okay baby girl” whenever he hears her crying. He’s going to be an excellent big brother.

There is somebody else in the house I never once thought would be jealous…Gizmo!


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