It’s Peaceful

But I can’t say its all been quiet either.

I think Monkey’s jealousy is starting to kick in. He’s still wanting to help us a lot with her, so I don’t think he’s actually jealous of his sister…but I think he’s getting jealous of all the attention she gets. He’s been a little monster today. He may also be getting bored…he’s been home for 2 1/2 weeks now, and hasn’t been able to play with his friends. He will be going back to school Monday, so maybe once he gets back to his usual routine things will get better.

But the usual routine won’t come back until Wednesday at least. JB has to go out of town for a couple days on a business trip…he leaves Monday. I’m definitely not too thrilled about the timing, seeing that she is only two weeks old and I’ll be completely on my own (Mom stayed with me this past week)…but I know its something he has to do and I’ll get over it.

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