It’s Going a Little Better

Diva slept in her crib in her own room last night, for the first time. Daddy’s idea, not mine…but I think he realized that as long as I could constantly lean over and peek at her I would never go to sleep. She did perfectly fine…I have no idea why I worried that I wouldn’t hear her if she woke up. Duh, we do have a baby monitor, and she does have a good set of lungs on her.

Just with the little bit of cereal mixed in her bottle seems to have helped her tremendously. She’s going about four hours between feedings now, as opposed to barely two hours. Also, we didn’t have one single screaming fit today. ALL DAY.

Talk about a huge difference…today was a wonderful day compared to the last few we’ve had.

This week, Monkey’s preschool class has been working on their numbers and letters. He has come home every day with papers showing his tracings of the letters. He could already sing his alphabet song, and he can count to ten.

Tonight, he is spending the night with his Mema & Grandaddy (my parents). Its been a long time since he’s been on an overnight away from us with them. He was so excited when they came to pick him up!


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