I really didn’t think Monkey would be too interested in watching the Olympics…I thought it would bore him. Personally, I love watching the gymnastics, and I also like watching swimming and track. Surprisingly, he enjoys watching the swimming, but he is usually mesmerized by the gymnastics!

I haven’t used our video camera in quite some time…but I had to get it out tonight. He was doing ‘Lympics all over the living room! He was flipping around, trying to do handstands, everything. He would watch the gymnasts and try to do anything they did. We really got a kick out of watching him tonight. I even stayed up late tonight so I could record the rest of the gymnastics for him to watch.

He definitely gets a gold medal from Mommy 🙂

Diva still has her days and nights mixed up! I decided to try a sleeping pill last night, after JB said he would get up with her. He said I was knocked out within minutes of hitting the pillow, but I so needed that wonderful sleep. That’s really the longest I have slept in almost 2 months.

Anyway…she’ll sleep good from about 10 pm to around 2 am. But after that, whoever gets up with her is pretty much up for the rest of the night. And its not a quiet night, either!

Diva got to meet her great Aunt and two cousins today. Aunt Neber (what I’ve always called my Aunt M.) and two of my second cousins. stopped by for a visit this afternoon. Of course, she pretty much slept through the whole time!

I forgot to mention this last week. Tuesday I went to a Mary Kay party, at the home of JB’s best friend’s wife. If she had 15 people show up, she won a cruise to the Bahamas…and at the end of the party, a drawing would be held and someone else would win a Bahamas cruise too. Normally, I don’t like going to these things, but I wanted Ley to get her 15 people. We had joked earlier that it would be funny if I won the cruise and the four of us could go to the Bahamas together. Well, guess what? I won the cruise! We can take it anytime during this next year. JB was so shocked when I told him!


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