Yep, I’m a nicknamer

Diva took a whole 4 ounce bottle last night, around 10 pm, and I put her to bed at 10:30 pm. I stayed up late taping gymnastics for my son, so it was almost 1 am before I went to bed…I was half expecting her to wake up to eat again at any moment.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up hearing her crying on the monitor, and as I rolled out of bed, I glanced at the clock…it was almost 5 am!!! She took her whole 4 ounce bottle again. Go Baby girl!

Now, today has been a bit difficult, though…she’s been wanting to just take an ounce or two every hour. We managed to hold her off until 10 pm (couch time with Daddy is an amazing baby relaxer!) and she took 4 ounces again, and went down to bed pretty easily. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that last night wasn’t a fluke!
It was apparently a fluke after all. She was up at 2 am, and again at 5 am. But after that she slept until 10 am, at which time she inhaled 5 ounces! She’s been a happy little clam ever since.

I guess she has been given a nickname. I’m very bad about nicknames…Monkey’s ended up being “Bunky”. As in chunky monkey, that eventually started coming out as chunky bunky, then it was just plain Bunky. I still call him that pretty often.

My baby’s nickname? Well, she’s Mommy’s little Puddin, and sometimes she’s a Puddin Pop. I really have no idea why I started calling her this, and I didn’t even realize I called her this so much until I heard JB call her Puddin the other night. It rubbed off on him I guess!


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