Gas and Dirty Words

Don’t tell me its just gas! Diva’s been flashing us a few little smiles here and there this week. I was kinda reluctant to believe it wasn’t gas, because it was still a few more weeks before her brother started really smiling. But she’s timing these little grins too well for it to be gas! Several times I have looked at her and smiled while I was talking to her, and she smiled up at me. She’s done this with Daddy and her Mema too, so its not just me!
I cannot believe I just heard that word come out of my sweet son’s mouth!! (Think ‘witch’ with one letter change.) His excuse? The guy said it on TV. Monkey heard it, and said, “We don’t say _itch.” So he knew it was a bad word before he said it!

I think we need to permanently tune the TV to Playhouse Disney.


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