Checkup time again

I can’t figure this baby out tonight…or the last couple nights, for that matter. We have had several very good days in a row together, and fairly decent nights. She’s going to sleep better at night, thank goodness, even if she is still waking up at 3 am!

This morning, for example…I got up to feed her at 3 am. She took 4 ounces of her bottle and started to doze off. I sat her up to burp her…I saw a little bit of formula dribble onto her bib, and then BOOM! She threw it all up, all over me, the glider rocker, the carpet…miraculously missing herself. I cleaned everything up, including myself, and by the time I was done she was acting hungry again…so I gave her another 3 ounces, and she was asleep. I didn’t think too much of this episode, really.

Thing is, for the last few nights, she’s been getting extremely cranky…every night it starts up around 6 pm or so. She doesn’t want to eat, she doesn’t want her pacifier, she doesn’t want to be held…she just wants to wail. Well, tonight she worked herself into such a frenzy, she threw up again. Twice in one day? That worries me, especially considering the fact she’s been so inconsolable in the evenings lately

Her one month checkup is tomorrow morning, and she’s supposed to get four shots. Of course, I have seriously been dreading the shots, but now I’m wondering if she should even get them tomorrow…I really don’t know if she’s getting sick or if she’s just getting too agitated?

She had her checkup this morning. The tiny peanut that was born just 5 weeks ago at 6lbs, 15 oz and has had some feeding issues as well…she now weighs in at a whopping 10lbs, 2 oz! She’s 21 inches long now too. I checked my son’s baby book after we got home…she’s a quarter inch taller and almost a whole pound heavier than he was at this age!

She also got her second Hep B shot today…she didn’t like that one bit, and it took a while to get her calmed back down. She took a 5 ounce bottle as soon as we got home, and she’s snoozing away right now.


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