She Bit Me!

I got to sleep in a bit this morning, and JB was trying to wake me up around 9 am. This takes a while, because I’m definitely no morning person. Anyway, we heard Diva start crying from the living room. Most times when she cries, Monkey yells “PASSY!” (pacifier) and puts in her mouth. Sometimes she takes it, sometimes she won’t.

This morning was one of the times she wouldn’t take it from him, and apparently was in one of her fist flailing moods. Next thing we hear is Monkey running down the hallway wailing something. When we finally calmed him down enough to talk to us, he said, “She bit me!” He showed us a tiny red mark on his arm.

Goofball…she’s a month old with no teeth. All she could do is gum you like crazy. Truthfully, I think one of her fast growing fingernails caught him when she was flailing around! But he swears she bit him…


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