The one in which the daycare worker stares at me like I’ve lost it.

I haven’t wanted to jinx it…but Diva’s been sleeping through the night for a week. I don’t know if she is doing this on her own, or if its because she’s been sleeping in her carrier in the crib with the humidifier running all night…she’s had a bit of a cold. We’ve been thinking for a while that she prefers some sort of noise when she sleeps anyway…she actually seems to hate quiet!

Today was another big milestone for us…I took her to the daycare for the first time this morning. I go back to work on Wednesday, but I wanted her to go at least a day or so sooner than that…so if they needed me to come get her I could. I woke her up this morning at 7am, got her all dressed up in a pretty purple outfit, fed her, and then we headed for the daycare.

JB had already taken Monkey to school, so I could concentrate on the baby and speak with the baby room teacher. I felt kind of silly, telling the teacher all about my baby being a slow eater and a difficult burper, all the things I had packed in her diaper bag, and all that other little stuff you think you’re the only one who’s figured out about your baby.

I realized the teacher was just quietly staring at me…and I admitted that I was very nervous about leaving my baby with someone else. A person would think I was a first time mother the way I was going on and on. It’s just that she is such a high needs baby, and she has pretty much had only me all this time…she still gives her daddy a hard time whenever he tries to feed her or anything. She enjoys sleeping on his chest, and she lets him give her baths, but everything else…she seems to handle it better with me. I guess I’m worried that she is going to pitch one of her famous fits, and be completely inconsolable, and they’ll end up telling me that she’s too much for them to deal with.
I’m sure that won’t happen. I’m sure I’m overreacting. I’m sure she’ll be perfectly fine, just like the baby room teacher assured me before I left.
Monkey’s in 3 year old preschool at the daycare. We haven’t called it daycare though, for a long time, because he says its school!

Anyway, his teacher sent a letter home Friday, asking for different nature things for the kids science center. So yesterday, we all went out to gather up some nature!

He took two pinecones (one big, one small), leaves from a magnolia tree, a hawthorne bush, a cottonwood tree, and two other bushes we have that I forget the names of; we also found an abandoned birds nest in one of our crepe myrtle trees! He was proud of that one. He even had to tell his teacher this morning about the spider that came out of the bird nest that made Mama scream!

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