Back to sleep? Not for Us.

It has been drilled into my head that all newborn babies have to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. All through nursing school, that’s what I was told. I tell new moms this every day.

This was not a problem at all with my son…he hated to be on his stomach, and seemed to like the wedge that helped him stay on his side to sleep…this is the only way I felt comfortable letting him sleep, because he was one of those babies who was prone to random spitting up and choking.

My daughter? Oh no, she hates being on her back! So I would let her take naps during the day lying on her tummy, when I could see her. She actually does have very good control of her head and neck, and I saw her just raise her head and turn it whenever she wanted to.

This past week, I have been putting her in her crib at night on her tummy. She usually goes right off to sleep now, and I have to say, this is the best her parents have slept in 8 weeks.

JB had a physical last week. He has an appointment Tuesday to go over all the results with the doctor, but he got a card in the mail today giving him his cholesterol and thyroid results. And, like I figured, he’s got high cholesterol.

He was talking about it while we ate dinner earlier, and Monkey piped up…”I don’t have ‘lesterol, cause I have all my toys!”



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