Bite me, time change!

Diva is finally sleeping so well at night, going to sleep fairly easily by 9 pm, sleeping wonderfully until at least 7 am on days we don’t have to go anywhere. And then here comes the time change. Screwed her right up. Lovely.

She has a cold right now…I woke up this morning (4 am, thanks time change!) and all I could hear was loud breathing. It was like Darth Vader was standing over my bed, and then I realized, thats just our 3 month old through the baby monitor.

Our daughter is now 3 months old. When the heck did that happen? Anyway, its time for me to get some portraits made…with Monkey we did them every three months his first year. The daycare gets a photographer to come every year, but last year he came in April. I remember this because it was two days before Monkey’s surgery. So I called and got an appointment with a studio for November 13, for both kids. Guess what comes home with them today? You guessed it…forms for the school photos on November 11. Just my luck…but I’ll keep my appointment, because I’ll see those as they are being made. I’ll know if Diva has that funky quadruple chin thing going on before I order a gigantic picture of it.

My son is driving us crazy. He desperately wants to go visit his Papa in the hospital, but I keep telling him that kids can’t go to that floor. I have told him over and over that we will go see Papa as soon as he is home from the hospital in a few days, but of course he has no sense of time. I did call the hospital room, so he could talk to Papa, but it was a very quick conversation.

Diva gets to go to the doctor tomorrow…she’s been really congested this morning. This in itself does not worry me so much, because she responds well to the cold medicine we are giving her. But she’s been ill as a hornet since Saturday, and I don’t think its just the time change messing her up. JB asked me why I think something’s wrong, because, well…she’s a crabby little thing all the time anyway. Yeah, but usually the wailing and screaming stops when I am feeding her…so I’m wondering if she might have an ear infection. Lovely.


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