Little Howler

Our daughter was three months old on October 30…hard to believe! She is sleeping through the night, usually eating pretty well (at least for me!) and she has adjusted very well to daycare. She had her first sick visit at the doctor today…nasty little ear infection.

Monkey is doing well at school. He recently got a new teacher, Ms. Melanie. He is doing very well learning letters and numbers…he can even trace his letters on his Magna Doodle!

In other family news, my sister-in-law announced to us on Halloween that she and her boyfriend are engaged…no date set yet.

Some not so good news…also on Halloween, my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital after having chest pains and difficulty breathing. They are still running a lot of tests on him, but we do know something is blocking one lung, and it wasn’t really anything heart related.

I do believe our little daughter has worse mood swings than I do.

That is so unbelievably scary. Currently, it is so unbearably loud.
Since the Screaming Diva is taking a nap (finally) I have a few minutes to talk about our Halloween. Monkey was Harry Potter, although his blonde hair covered up the scar we drew on his forehead with eyeliner most of the night. Diva, poor thing, had no clue why we dressed her up in this goofy outfit and walked around the neighborhood after dark…but I think she made a pretty snow princess.
I got Diva in to see the doctor this afternoon. I have to say the first appointment right after lunch is most definitely the way to go…a ten minute wait as opposed to two hours. The only downside was that the doc apparently forgot his breath mint.

She’s up to 14 pounds, 13 ounces now, by the way. I had guessed 15 pounds the other day on my scales. Little chunk.
I was right, she’s got a nasty ear infection. Not that I’m happy the kid is in pain, but I am a little proud that I knew what was wrong with her. Every time I think I have this child figured out, she throws me for another loop. She’s three months old, and I have yet to learn what her cries mean. Most of the time, she makes me feel like I’ve never taken care of a baby before.


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