This is Spinal Tap…

JB had the spinal tap done this morning.

We got there around 8 am, and got him checked in, and we were directed to 3C. There we were put in room 347 to get him ready for the procedure. Before the nurse even got started on him, they brought in another man, who was set to have a cardiac cath done. Apparently, the floor was full and they had to double up on some of the rooms! The nurse drew some blood and started an IV, at the same time the transport guy came to get him!

We were then taken to Radiology about 8:40 am. They set him up in a room that I called his very own “Bat Cave”…that’s what he always called my labor rooms! After we’d been in there a while, the doctor who was doing the tap came in to talk to us about what was going to happen. He asked if they could give him something to help him relax…at least half an hour later, they did give him Versed…since JB has a very high tolerance to medication, it never really worked!

They sent me out of the room at 9:45 am. Luckily, there was a small waiting area almost right outside JB’s room, so I went there. At 10:10 am (yes, I was seriously checking my watch every few minutes) the tech and the doctor came out…the doctor stepped over to my waiting area and told me everything went well, that he had drawn 17 cc’s of fluid for testing, and to make sure to keep him laying down and pumped full of fluids today.

Then the transport guy wheeled him out on a stretcher, and took us back up to room 347. When we got there, the man scheduled for the cardiac cath was still there, and there was a new person in the room waiting to go down for a biopsy. They took him down soon after we got back, and not too long after that, they finally took that poor guy down for the cardiac cath! His brother stayed and chatted with us for a while, and after that it was just us. JB stayed awake and alert the whole time…so I know the Versed never worked on him the way it was intended. He told me all about the procedure, and how much it hurt. They tried to numb him, but like I said, he doesn’t respond well to stuff like that…and he felt absolutely everything.

They discharged him around 12 pm. He did sleep a little on the way home, and I got him set up in his recliner…which is where he spent most of the day, either drinking glasses of water or sleeping. Right now, he’s stretched out on the couch, with a headache after sitting up too long to eat dinner. That’s the only problem he’s had so far, but the headache usually eases off when he lays flat for a while.

We are so glad this is over. I’m glad its done because I was so worried for him. I just know he’s glad to have gotten through it!

[see also: Suspected, MS]


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