It’s Not Over Yet…

Wednesday after the spinal tap, JB would get a headache if he sat up too long, but it would always go away when he laid back down. He slept alright last night, so I thought it would be okay for me to go on into work yesterday.

He called me around 10 am, to let me know that MIL had come over and gotten the kids dressed and took them to daycare. She was then bringing him to the ER. He had managed to get up, take a bath and shave…but as he was getting dressed he got a severe headache that wouldn’t go away at all.

He called me at 11:20 am to let me know they were at the hospital in a quiet room just past the registration desk. I managed to get caught up enough to go down to see him, but had to get back to my floor before they put him in an exam room. Around 1 pm, a ER nurse called to tell me they had gotten him in a room, so I could come down again. While I was there, they started a IV with a caffeine drip (which, BTW, didn’t work at all.) I had to get back to work before that was finished, and planned to come back down around 4 pm. Right about the time I was going to go down to the ER again, they called and said they were taking him to an OR room to do a blood patch.

After laying flat on his back for two hours after the blood patch, they sat him up a while, and he felt alright. So they decided to discharge him home. His mother drove him home, and when I got off work I picked the kids up from my mom’s house and rushed home. He’s doing okay now…no headache, but his back really hurts. Naturally, he didn’t respond to the numbing they tried to do before the blood patch.

He’s supposed to be taking it easy today, and for the next few days, but we still went to his office this morning to get some files and his laptop so he could do some work from home. His back is really sore from everything that’s been done to it the last few days! But no headache, so that’s the best thing.

[see also: Suspected: MS, This is spinal tap…]


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