Ugh. Just Ugh

I took Diva in for her 4 month checkup Tuesday. She now weighs 15 pounds, 12 ounces (1 ounce heavier than her brother at this age!) and she is 24.5 inches tall (the same as her brother at this age!) She is doing everything she should be doing at 4 months, and we got the greenlight to start her on solid food, like fruits.

Now for the bad news. A child in Diva’s room at daycare was hospitalized over the weekend with severe RSV. When my mom picked her up from daycare Monday afternoon, she was very congested and coughing a lot. So I would have ended up taking her to the doctor anyway. She didn’t sound terrible in the doctor’s office, but she was having occasional wheezing. He said he didn’t think she has RSV, but she does have bronchiolitis, which is caused by the same virus. Oh, yeah, and her right ear is once again infected. This is #3, if you are keeping up with the countdown to tubes.

So we came home with prescriptions for a new antibiotic (Ceftin, this time), nebulizers every four hours, and a machine for breathing treatments. We’ve stopped the Gantrisin for now, but he may try that again once she’s better. I’ve called out of work the last two days to stay home with her, and my mom will stay with her tomorrow for me to go to a mandatory inservice at work.

She is doing a little better. She’s still coughing, but its not as junky as it was before. She does occasionally start having wheezing when its time for another breating treatment, but the nebulizers do seem to help her a lot. Yesterday, she was not eating much at all, but she did take a whole 6 ounce bottle this morning.

Maybe one of these days, we’ll all be well.


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