Good News on Both Fronts

We got good news recently, when we found out Diva was avoiding tubes! Her ear infection finally cleared up. Good thing, I don’t think her poor little body could handle another round of antibiotics! Right now we are just trying to clear up a heck of a diaper rash and yeast, and maybe then this little girl will be a happy camper.

The nurse also came out today, and talked to us about the Betaseron shots. JB gave himself the first injection today! He was a bit shaky, because he really doesn’t like needles…but he handled it like a pro! I think as long as he doesn’t have too many side effects from this medication, he’ll do fine with it. He is on a low dose right now, and should be up to the full dose by February 16.

[see also: Suspected: MS, This is spinal tap…, It’s Not Over Yet]


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