Flip that pancake!

Let me catch up on all the kids stuff! They both had a wonderful Christmas, although Diva did sleep through much of it 🙂 This was the first year that Monkey really asked for certain things, and he really got into Santa Claus and tracking him on the computer on Christmas Eve.

Diva went back to the doctor the Monday after Christmas, to see how her ears looked. We had to stop the antibiotic after only a few days, because of course, it had her poor stomach all messed up…so we were expecting to get the big antibiotic shot and pray it worked so she could avoid tubes. Amazingly, the ear infection was all gone!!

He wants us to start her back on the Gantrisin every night to hopefully keep her ears clear, but we haven’t started that yet. Why? Because she is still having some tummy issues, which are finally starting to clear up. Currently we are trying to get rid of a nasty yeast/fungal infection on her bottom, thanks to two months of antibiotic induced diarrhea.

Diva has finally been able to tolerate solid food! So far, she has had a yogurt/rice cereal mixture (to help her tummy), bananas, applesauce, peaches (which she wasn’t too fond of!), squash, carrots, and green beans. She really likes bananas! Recently, she has also started to hold her bottles herself…she does this more for her daddy than for me!
Another thing that she has started doing…at first it was kinda cute, but now it is more annoying than anything. She squeals. LOUDLY. ALL THE TIME. Sometimes its so high pitched that it really hurts my ears!

She has been rolling from her stomach to her back for well over a month now, but she has yet to figure out how to go from back to stomach. This isn’t normally a problem, but we have started calling her Pancake, or Flapjack…almost nightly, she wakes herself up because she’s rolled over and can’t get back to sleep until we come in a flip her over. Lots of mornings start very early because of our little Pancake!


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