Six Months and 4 years

Diva had her six month checkup last week. She now weighs 17 pounds, 12 ounces, and she’s 25 inches tall. They checked her hemoglobin, and it was a little bit low, 11.2…but he’s not too concerned about that right now. He thinks the anemia will resolve itself when she is eating solid foods better. Unfortunately, we once again left the office with prescription for antibiotics…Septra, something we haven’t used before…her right ear is mildly infected. So far she’s done well on this medicine, no upset stomach. I take her back on Feb. 22 for a recheck, and if the infection is still there she will get a antibiotic shot. He also told me if we have trouble clearing this ear up like we did last time, we should expect her to have tubes placed by summer.

She is rolling all over the place these days. She has also developed the most clumsy crawl I think I’ve ever seen, but hey…it gets her wherever she wants to go! And at the same time, she is trying to learn to sit up…just this evening she sat up for a good long while before she started leaning over.

Monkey is four years old!! That is so hard to believe. We are having a Shrek birthday party here at home tomorrow, just like he wanted. I took him for his checkup this morning. He now weighs 35 pounds, and he’s 38.5 inches tall. His hemoglobin was perfect…I can’t remember the exact number, but it was above 14. The pediatrician asked him a lot of odd questions; like who does he tell when he’s scared (he said mommy!), and of all the things he knows, did someone teach him or did he know it all already? The doctor asked that last question three times, the first two times Monkey clammed up and wouldn’t talk. The third time he asked the question was as he was getting ready to leave the room, and finally Monkey informed him that he already knew it all! The pediatrician says that’s the answer most kids give him 🙂

One thing about our pediatrician…he has a handout for everything. Today, we got one about shyness in kids. The way he clammed up and refused to talk to the doctor at the beginning of the visit is nothing new. Anytime he’s around people he doesn’t know, or he’s in a new place, he hides behind me or his daddy, and refuses to talk to anyone, play with other kids, or do anything, really. He usually takes about an hour to warm up and let go of us.

My mom says I was the same way when I was a kid, so why should he be any different? My kids seem to have inherited two of my biggest flaws…my son got my shyness, my daughter got my problematic ears.


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