Surgery is set

Diva is scheduled to have tubes placed in both ears April 8.

We saw the P.A. first, and she said her ears still looked pretty bad today (after being on an antibiotic since Friday!) Then the audiologist checked the pressure in her ears, and said she had fluid behind both eardrums, but much more in the right ear…which is the one that has given her the most trouble. Then Dr. Allen came in and told us that he thinks tubes will really help her, and answered all of our questions. The procedure is done as outpatient, so there won’t be a hospital stay. She will be put to sleep, but she won’t need to be stuck for an IV or any bloodwork. Now we just have to focus on trying to get her well enough for the procedure…they told me she shouldn’t have an active infection in her ears and the PA will check to make sure she’s not too congested two days before. Since she’s pretty much always congested, and occasionally wheezy, that will probably be difficult.


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