Surgery is Done!

Diva’s surgery is over and done with, and we are so happy! She is doing well, quietly napping in her crib right now.
The surgery was actually scheduled for 8 am, and our arrival time was 6 am. We kept her up kinda late last night so that she could eat before she was no longer allowed to after midnight. Monkey got to spend the night with Nanny last night, and he is planning to ‘spend’ with Mema tonight. I’m sure he’s gonna be completely rotten when he has to sleep in his own bed Saturday night!

We quickly got Diva up and out the door, trying to not wake her up too much. Of course, that didn’t work…she was wide awake the whole way to the hospital, and still awake as we waited about an hour in surgical waiting. Just before they finally called us back, she had gotten extremely fretful and I was walking around the room with her, so I was glad that all the folks there waiting to have surgery didn’t get to witness our baby’s hungry meltdown!

We were then directed to room 210, where the nurse finished up her history. She brought a cute Josh puppy for her, which she just loved. Good thing she brought that to her, as the rattles we brought along were apparently boring her to tears. We changed her into a blue hospital gown (yes, she totally looked like a boy). She finally dozed off on JB’s chest about ten minutes before they came to take us to pre-op holding. After that, she was wide open!

We waited there with the families of two other children…one was having the same surgery as our daughter, another was having a procedure that our son actually had done at 5 days old in the doctor’s office. Diva was the youngest, so she was to go first. Dr. Allen came to talk to us, make sure we had no questions; then the anesthesiologist spoke with us about his role in her surgery. Just a few moments later, the nurse picked up our baby to take her to the operating room. She didn’t cry a bit, which I think helped her parents hold it together! Our son, poor baby, held out his arms and screamed for us when they took him from us for his T&A last year; factor in his mama who was about 6 months pregnant and hormonal, a grandmother that has only this one grandchild, and a daddy who is trying to pull them back together…yeah, it wasn’t a pretty scene! I literally bawled the entire time he was gone.

JB and I were then directed the the surgical waiting area at 7:30 am. We only got teary eyed once, honest! Less than fifteen minutes later, Dr. Allen was there, telling us the tubes had been placed, and she was doing fine in recovery. He did say that this surgery came just in time, as her ears not only had the slightly cloudy fluid behind the drums, but they also had a lot of “glue”, which I think is a good reason why we had been noticing lately that she didn’t seem to hear so great, especially on her right side.

We were then taken back to room 210, where we saw the guy who brought her back from recovery, and two female nurses…one holding our baby girl in her lap. When she saw us, she started to whimper a little bit, and I picked her up and we just held her. And finally, we were able to give her the juice bottle we had brought along. It took her a while, as she was still drowsy from the anesthesia, but she drank every last drop of that juice!

We had to wait for about 45 minutes to make sure she was alright, and then we finally got the okay to take her home. She is doing very well so far, and we are giving her antibiotic ear drops three times a day for the next three days.


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