Asthma, it is.

Well, I am feeling better after my little fall last week. I went back to work Friday and half of Saturday, just to make up some time. I was still limping around quite a bit until Sunday. I’m not as sore as I was, and now I might take a wrong step and my hip hurts a little bit, but its not too bad. I’m still very stiff and sore in the mornings when I get up, but once I walk around a while I feel better.

Diva went to the doctor Monday for her 9 month checkup. She is now 19 pounds, 1 ounce…she has stayed around 19 pounds for the last two months, so he’s not worried about her being so chubby anymore! She is 27 inches tall. I honestly can’t remember when they last checked her hemoglobin, but it had been a little low at 11.2. They checked it again Monday, and she’s now at 12, so he was happy with that. He couldn’t hear in wheezing down in her chest, just an occasional wheeze that was audible without a stethoscope. He said that meant that usually meant the problem was a larger airway, and not as serious as what she had before. We continue the Pulmicort/Albuterol twice a day for six months, and the Accu-Neb two to three times in between anytime she has coughing or wheezing.

He has not wanted to come out and say that she definitely has asthma; this doctor is certainly not quick to diagnose things like that. Took me three years to get him to say that Monkey had allergies! But I peeked at a note that he wrote in her chart, and he wrote ‘9 month old infant with asthma’, so that told me right there that he thinks she does have asthma.


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